Level 10 Update and Misc

kaplandj • February 23, 2010

Software Business

All is well so far with the new Level10 machine. I have most of the important business software and data transferred over the new machine. That is always a fun task. So far the machine has run flawlessly and getting the “Wow” from visitors. Its still too heavy to lift. Moving still not an option. The next test will be to do some heavy duty C# programming for a new consulting job I landed.

I had difficulty deciding on a new monitor. I wanted an IPS panel and maybe something in the 27″ size.  I had not used multiple monitors yet (I know hard to believe). I was thinking about the new Dell 27 incher, but decided to go a little cheap/smaller. I’m partial to NEC panels, so I went with the NEC EA231WMI. I have it paired with my old NEC 2080UX. So fat I’m getting used to wider format of screen. Not a huge fan, but its growing on me.

PS: There might be news on iPad (Stencil/Sketch Book) front for MobilesketchBook.com. Stay tuned. I know the competition is way ahead of me – already has one out. But ours is always better. Right?