Level 10 Unboxing and some thoughts

kaplandj • February 1, 2010

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After a long wait on iBuypower to build the Thermaltake Level 10 PC, it finally arrived last week. A few initial pics to follow. My initial impressions:

  1. This thing is heavy. I go to the Gym and lift weights twice a week. Forget it. I’m never going to be able to move again. I found my self dragging it into place.
  2. It took way to long for them to build. They claim they had all the parts from the get go.
  3. Because it had to be freighted iBuyPower was a little confused as to who they shipped it with. Annoying after the long wait. I had to place multiple calls.
  4. A Duie Pyle (trucking company that sounds like a pile of crap?)) was final deliverer. But there was another company in between. I think Fedex or UPS could of handled this and would it would have been fine. I don’t get why I had to pay extra to have some thug mishandle the box anyway.
  5. Even though it weighs a ton, the doors on it seem a little cheap or thin.
  6. It has two locks. One for motherboard door and other to get back panel off. But PSU and DVD doors are not locked. Seems silly kind of.
  7. Little gap between DVD door and cover panels. Looks a little off when you look at it from front.
  8. iBuyPower felt the need to slap their ugly sticker on my pristine virgin. I think this date with them and I could be a one and done. Thank you. Also, they never sent the free LCD monitor they promised. Yet another phone call?
  9. Inside layout is very nice.
    1. I verified the unit works, but have a long job ahead of me moving everything over. So more to do on checking out new system. Details here: http://deanonsoftware.com/?p=99

Some pics: