iPhone Stencil now on sale

kaplandj • November 7, 2009

Software Business

So ends another journey of our super hero (that’s me in case you didn’t know). Like the movie “The Graduate” it was really only one word for me: Plastics. Yes, I thought the world (that’s you iPhone design freaks out there in case you didn’t know) needed a plastic template (or Stencil) in order to draw your fab UI’s on. And hopefully you will be doing it on the new Apress iPhone Application Sketch Book.

My journey took me into the unknown world of plastics. It is a confusing maze of 1000’s of materials and processes. I needed to find a cost effective way to produce my iPhone Stencil. It did take a little while to sort out but after keeping after it for a couple of weeks I found the solution or should I say company that could do this. I’ll keep that to myself for now. I know all you plastic copy cats are out there and ready to pounce. (Like the paper copy cats we all know and love).

So the iPhone Stencil is the perfect bed mate to the new Apress published iPhone Application Sketch Book. See them and buy them from the brand new MobileSketchBook.com Website. I wanted to create a Design Stencil that was easy to use. Not just pretty. Not steel. Kind of like the old ones we used in school at one time or another. All the UIKit stuff is in there – if we missed anything I could easily put it in a future revision. I hope you love it as much as I loved doing it.

The new Apress Book is also improved. Not just the fruity cover. It’s now 1.5x scale (150% of actual size iPhone). Pages have been increased by 25 – that’s 50 more templates. And the pages have been perforated for easy tear out. And the iPhone Stencil is the same scale. (I left a way to draw 1x scale iPhone on Stencil. For old times sake.)