Found worthy School for Sketch Book donation on our last day!

kaplandj • October 28, 2009

Software Business

Thanks to Clay Andres from Apress for finding me Dr. Rory Lewis of the Computer Science Dept. of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. I’m sending enough iPhone Application Sketch Books for the entire class (over 30). Dr Lewis is unique in that he teaches an iPhone Programming class.

As you recall I made the offer to supply free Sketch Books to worthy US Schools teaching iPhone design and programming. Not many takers. Too few programs! As Rory stated to me in an email: “Oh yes, very few schools do iPhones because its, to them, objective-c which is a nightmare to teach.”

I myself come from a C/C++/C# background and I do find objective-c hard to look at sometimes.

BTW. This is the last day the iPhone Application Sketch Book will be for sale by Kapsoft on Amazon. Thanks to everyone who help me. Too many to mention. A great process to work through which I enjoyed from start to finish. But its not dead yet Jim! The Apress version has a new exciting 1.5x scale. So bigger is better (darn!). The new cover is out there ready to go in all its fruitness.

And stay tuned. I’m coming out with a new sister product to the Sketch Book that I hope you will love. It was another labor of summer/fall love. will be totally resdesigned (i.e. it won’t suck anymore since Pagonis is doing it for me).

Until next time.