Bad Software and Annoying Package Delivery Rant

kaplandj • September 24, 2009

Software Business

Some company that has an Ex in its name. Know them? Like the Ex in Ex-wife. Well that company made my radar yesterday and not in a good way. I had important boxes to be shipped that must be in Denver on Friday. I waited all afternoon for them to pickup after a comedy of errors that starts with bad software. Bad User Interface. Bad Flow. Bad logic. Bad Bad Bad. Follow that up with Bad people answering the phone. One would think that the trillions of dollars that this company sinks into software that this stuff would be so much better.

Lets look at one simple instance. I cut the zip code of the destination in from an email. It was a perfectly good zip code. But I couldn’t see it had two extra spaces on the end. When I go to submit the shipment it throws an error for invalid zip code. I was able to smell the bad software stenching up my experience, but how long would it take the average user to figure out the problem. How hard is it to Right Trim the field and go on with our merry lives?

Next error? Bill To Account. It was cut and pasted and had dashes. Did the form call out a specific format for this field. When you ship your “Ex” invoices I bet the dashes are in there. Aren’t they? But you don’t like my stinking dashes, but the account was a valid number. Come on people. Make our experience a pleasant one. Its bad enough you have nasty people answering the phone.

In the future. I’ll just say Brown.