My review iPhone 3.0

kaplandj • June 18, 2009


I downloaded 3.0 this afternoon. I left the MacBook alone while it did its deeds. I came back to an unknown iTunes error -4. My 3G looked unresponsive in some odd state. I re-booted the phone. Re-booted the Mac and restarted iTunes. Still the same.

Finally it came back. Apps were gone. Re-synch of apps and all was well.

Ok. On  to a look-see. The search is a nice feature. Although I don’t totally like that it adds another screen and is present on all the major app screens (i.e. email).

Cut and paste very nice. Long over due. Not hard to figure out and should come in handy.

A new Voice recorder app that does the same thing as that other free app I had. And nudged itself in the first screen. Just goes to show you. If they want to display you they will.

Overall looks and feel seems to have more info stuffed in across the apps. As my son said its “trippy”. Great.

More to see when apps come out that use the real meat of the OS 3.0. Peer to peer, Google Maps embedded, Made for iPhone devices, and enabled Bluetooth. Did I say Made for iPhone? What’s the deal with that?