MBA Application Part 2

kaplandj • December 15, 2008

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Ok. Here is my application.


I own a Software Consulting company that specializes in Test and Measurement applications. The applications are concentrated around RF, Antenna, and Radar measurements. We have been in business for over 12 years. We have completed hundreds of projects – all successfully.

I love technology. I love everything about writing software – from the mentoring young people, planning stages, methodology, design, implementation, and testing. When I was in seventh grade I remember being captivated by a book that described how to build a digital computer out of mechanical flip flops. This was before the IC.


I live and breathe this stuff. I enjoy keeping up. Still that is not my problem.

I want to learn what I’ve failed to learn after all these years. The demon that haunts me to this day – if you will. The psychology of the customer and how to create product that people will be compelled to buy. Not just what “I think” they want. This has escaped me after all these years. Finally become the businessman I know I can still be and not just the technologist.

I’m going to change my company and provide a product totally different then what you see today. It’s a product that services many industries and requires an expertise of immense skill. Not many know how to create these systems. Aging IT infrastructures need to be replaced with this technology and we are going to act as the Design conduit to lead others in getting this done.

A client of mine for many years builds a product that locates someone when they call 911 on their cell phone. It saves lives. And to me that makes a difference and I helped my client make that happen. A small (my part) but important change in the world.

I have overcomes many dips. A couple recessions. And some expensive attempts at developing products that did not make money. I’m working my way right out of the last painful one right now with grit and determination.  

My father owned a Restaurant Delicatessen for 36 years. I sliced thousands of pounds of lox and became a master caterer. My Dad was a much better businessman then I (so far). The astonishing thing was getting to work with my father. I look back on those memories fondly.

I wish for a cleaner and safer earth in the future for my two kids.

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