Finally Redemption

kaplandj • October 31, 2008


Well if you did not know I was born in Philadelphia and raised in the surrounding area. As a senior in high school I was at the game the Flyers won the Cup in 1974 and attended the parade. You might have heard it has been a long time since we won something. And this town doesn’t “like” sports – it loves them with a passion unmatched.

So after watching Mondays night suspended affair at the local “Cheers-type” place, I decided to change it up and watch it solo at home Wed. It was a great 3.5 innings of baseball with many key plays. As the last pitch decided the game and the celebration on the field started – a strange feeling came over me. The emotion that came out felt like the release of titanic disappointments. Tears. Relief. Release. Burdon gone. It continue for me today. A strange out of body experience. I assume it was joy.