kaplandj • October 2, 2008


Ok. I know I’ve investigated the development environment for the iPhone. Busted. I was and remain lukewarm to the experience.

So my Blackberry was dieing last week and it was time for a new phone. So I took the plunge. Being a software developer I’ve come to appreciate milestones in the business. All I can say is WOW. This thing is one of the best designed pieces of software I’ve ever seen.


-the navigation on this thing is brilliant

-its all about the Web

-GPS and maps

-I don’t need a phone and an iPod. I now have one device. I take it to work and the Gym. A better iPod then the iPod from the UI point of view.


-I’m thinking the phone is not as good as my old brick Blackberry. Some weirdness. But I’m not much of a talker anyway 😉

-Typing. I thought I would get better after 2 weeks. Not. I’m worse. I’m a mess. Steve, put a real keyboard on this thing.

-Apps. Ok. This has plenty of potential. But nothing I’ve seen is as good as the base software on the phone. I did get spore so my daughter could enjoy it. She was ecstatic. There will be some killer apps I’m sure. Some freedom from the NDA was announced today. So there is hope.