Last Meal

kaplandj • September 30, 2008

Food Misc Ramblings

This kid goes to school with my daughter. Truly amazing what he has accomplished in the world of food at such an early age. He has a blog FoodieatFifteen which I have on my list. His last post talks about what he would eat for his last meal. 

I had to think about what mine would be (and I’m sure I’ll think of more). Just imagine you could do all these.

Tuna Sundae from Bluefin

Spinach Gnocchi Vetri

Tartatin home made

Thanksgiving Turkey with stuffing home made

Sardines (grilled) on the Mediterranean Sea south of France

Gravlax home made with mustard sauce

Scallop Ceviche home made

Salad Nicoise South of France with dry pink wine

Coq Au Vin made with a good red

Key Lime Pie Key West FL

and Greek Yogurt with fruit of some type