kaplandj • September 20, 2008


The Large Hadron Collider (check out these pics they are too amazing as well as the others on this “Big Picture” site) is a massive project. One that would have been cool to work on. But I’ve worked on and continue to be involved in many fantastic engineering projects. The thing that really tickled me were the comments from folks.

Some really thought this would be the end of the earth. They started a one way flow a few weeks ago and the jury is still out.  Richard Feynman stated that when they developed the first atomic bomb they worried it would vaporize all the oxygen on earth and the chances were “non zero” it would happen.

One LHC disaster theory put out the idea the earth would shrink to a golf ball size within 24 hours. Things would get pretty tight, don’t you think? What are the chances someone you know (or even like?) would just fall in you lap during the crush? Pretty slim I’m sure.