iPhone 3G and developer program

kaplandj • August 3, 2008

iPhone Development Software Design

Well I finally actually touched a 3G iPhone at the Apple store today. I had to pickup my weekly supply of Greek yogurt, so I was in the area. I know there are slight differences in dimensions, but all and all felt the same to me. I was really interested in supply – and you could walk away with the 16Gig model or get the 8Gig in a few days. So seems like plenty to be had.


I still have not received any notification from Apple on acceptance to the program – maybe it got lost in the SPAM. But I understand the backlog of requests is starting to get caught up. Just not Kapsoft.


I have to repeat myself. It’s hard to develop for a platform that you might not be able to test and deploy. But the thing is so cool that it still is on the radar for me.


Peace out.