iPhone SDK Challenge or Windows Programmer trys iPhone SDK

kaplandj • March 17, 2008

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I’m a long time Windows Software Engineer. I’ve programmed tons of C 3.1 SDK code all the way up to C# today. Throw in a boat load of VB. I’ve also done Java and generic C++.

Recently, my son Jake, got a MAC. I have not had a MAC in 15 years(?), a MAC SE. The release of the iPhone SDK really got my attention. I was already suggesting to all my friend that they get their kids MACs. Frankly I was getting tired of broken PC’s, viruses, etc. So I was all for Jake getting a MAC. Why not. I didn’t have to fix it.

So the bottom line was I didn’t have a Mac. And I could not play with the iPhone SDK. Jake is huge Eagles fan. He wanted an Asante Samuel’s  Jersey. Right after the huge signing by the Eagles.  Since he had a MAC I told him I would buy him the jersey if he could get a modified version of  “Hello World” program. To show each other love we often throw some derogatory terms at each other. This program would potentially show that “love”. Ok, to make a long story short – he didn’t take the challenge.

So being the guy I am. I still had to do it. So I did.

My first impression is that it takes a significant amount of code to put up this simple program. Objective C already is not my favorite programming language. An ugly syntax. It reminds me of doing early Windows SDK programming.  The Xcode tools have a long way to go to catch up to Visual Studio and .NET. That being said, Microsoft does not have an iPhone like platform. So take the good with the bad.

 I’m not loving the MAC interface. But that could change with time. It does compile C++, but the mixing of the two languages is tedious. So the jury is out. I’m not sure I would suggest a big investment if Apple is not going to step up to the plate and treat everyone equally. Add to that the huge learning curve. But it is COOL…