iPhone SDK

kaplandj • March 7, 2008

iPhone Development

Ok, I know it has been a while.  Let’s say I’ve been uninspired lately. What really could bring me out of my long hibernation. Many things actually. Let’s start with this one. I’m not a huge Steve Jobs fan. Or Bill Gates. But I’ve been interested in mobile computing. As witnessed by my purchase and “checkout” of the OpenMoko device.

 Job’s keynote on the iPhone SDK really got my attention:


The revenue model is the only negative I can see. Maybe its’ not so bad. Who of us can market software really anyway.  Otherwise I was stunned at what they did here. The demos from some large companies really hit the ball out of the park. They looked great.  The whole enterprise thing with Exchange will be good for them and the development system has a nice looking simulator. I guess its time to stop suggesting everyone else buy a Mac and slip one into the mix here.

I promise I’ll not stay away so long….