Entrepreneur Perfect Storm

kaplandj • August 31, 2007

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What is the Entrepreneur Perfect Storm?

  1. Have a good idea.
  2. Think you have a good idea.
  3. Have a spouse that does not understand your business, software, etc. – “A Synthetic Instrument????” What time is my nail appointment?
  4. Pick partners/associates that are (some crazy some bad) untrustworthy business partners. SI takes hardware too. Dam that fact.
  5. Not get funded. You might have been close, but the partners over valued their worth.  Bye bye Angel…
  6. Pick a stagnant market, like DOD – Test Measurement. Oh they spend tons of money. But VC’s don’t touch that crap with a ten foot pole.

How does it end? Loose your spouse. Loose your house. Busted.

You are probably thinking I’m pretty foolish. Would I do it again? Let me ponder for a moment……