Neo1973 UnBoxing : Linux phone arrives!

kaplandj • August 2, 2007


August 1, 2007. The Neo1973 arrives via UPS at my doorstep. I snapped some pics of the unboxing event.  The first thing I’ll say is that the cardboard box seems pretty ordinary. And please excuse my picture taking. In the weeks to follow, I’ll comment on my experience with the device from a developers point of view. We do have some plans to develop (actually port to Linux) some software we have created. I don’t think there is anything out there like it – especially on a mobile platform like the Neo1973/OpenMoko. I can’t say much more now about that – stay tuned.

On to the Neo1973. I first thing that remarkable I noted was the size of the phone. Small. Light. Smaller than the Jesus Phone.  But thicker. It seems very well built. I got the silver and black model. The black portion seems like some kind of rubber material. I’ll need to flash the phone to get it working – and that will involve some setup time for yours truly.

The Box and Case.  The Case is cool. I have to give these guys tons of credit for the packaging on this thing. The first impressions give you a good feeling. It reminds me of a hard professional camera case.

The developers kit comes with all sorts of stuff. JTAG board (with an ultra thin connector cable), memory cards, battery(x2), laser pointer, soft case, guitar pick (for opening phone case), torx screw driver, cables (usb),  carry strap, ear phones, etc. Now if I can only get a tee shirt.

“Some assembly Required” ? A little reminder that this is only for developers. Or geeks. Crossing chasm comes later.

So far so impressive. Time to dive in.