kaplandj • July 3, 2007

Misc Ramblings

So I went over to the local Apple store with my son Sunday to check out – you know. I’m into embedded product development so it is pretty interesting to see new products. I was expecting large crowds, but to my delight it was manageable. I gave it a good work out and I was pretty impressed.

Having read enough already I already know too much. The interface is slick. Early tear downs show the internals are pretty ho hum. I do understand it is a pretty fast 600 MHz ARM processor and it has excellent battery life. Thats a nice feat with these devices. It seemed pretty zippy.The overall product design and interface look spot on. I could not get the WIFI at the store to bring up web pages hardly at all. I had my son make a call to my blackberry. Hard to hear in the store.

The biggest issue I have with the phone is lack of an SDK. As a developer of software, it kind of makes it a “closed” system and no love. Use the browser and AJAX – come on Stevey poo – give me a break. I understand that AJAX is not fully supported. So whats the deal?

Maybe we should be looking to a more open platform? I’ll be talking about this platform – OpenMoko – alot in the weeks to come….a completely open cell phone platform. The possibilities are exciting. If only it works fast enough and the UI can be brought along to iPhone standards.