Getting More Evil?

kaplandj • May 17, 2007

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I really enjoyed and chuckled at Jeremy Allison’s piece on his experience of being invited  (then uninvited) to speak at Apple. Everyone is always trashing Microsoft for being the evil empire. I’m not sure Apple is much better. They seem to dislike  or fear Open Source Software as much as the other “evil”.

Where I live – the Main Line in PA - I’m noticing a shift in the computer purchases around here. Most of the folks here are very affluent. How they let a shlub Software Engineer like me live here I’ll never know.  But back to my point. Most everyone I talk to is buying a Mac for their next computer.  I was so fascinated by this trend I had to go to the local Apple store. Low and behold I saw one very smart doctor friend getting his Mac “fix”. He was amazed I still use Windows. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I make my crappy living off of programming the hunks of junk. 

Apple is doing a better marketing job these days. The “Peps” are flocking. Could they be flocking to just the next evil? I wonder….