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kaplandj • May 1, 2007

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Welcome to DeanOnSoftware. I’m sure you think this is a take off on another popular site on software. Let me assure you I’m much older and have been in software much longer. For what ever that is worth.  Not much. I read the other “on” blog all the time. And like it very much. My focus will be on the things we do at Kapsoft (my company – http://www.kapsoft.com).  

Our stuff tends to be on the engineering and scientific side of things.  Mainly we are creating a new product in the field of Synthetic Instrumentation. What is that you might ask? When we figure it out I’ll let you know. Just be assured it will revolutionize everything in the world that requires a measurement. If I don’t go flat bust before we can bring it out.  Or my wife divorce me first – since she’s wondering why I still do stupid things – like try to develop products or its’ just my hair-brain ideas.

So I’ll talk about the process I’m going through to develop it – find funding – battle with partners – etc.I’ll also talk about the state of software design,  Agile development, SCRUM.  I’m a recently graduated scrummaster from Ken Schwaber himself http://www.controlchaos.com/, Test and Measurement, C++, and some other not so software topics. Hope you enjoy or at least get your mind stimulated.