Apple says NO! to iPad Cutting Board

by kaplandj on February 7, 2011

I’ve been sitting on this one for months. I came up with this iPad Cheese Cutting board idea and my fabricators after some hard work were able to make one. I like coming up with creative ideas like I did with the  iPhone Sketchbook and Stencils. A few months back we received a call from Apple lawyers and we were told to stop selling them. The reason given was based on “likeness” issues. A Wood cutting board. Lord have mercy on my soul.

Not sure why I picked today to tell the world. Maybe that football season is over or something along those lines. Or it is Monday and I’m cranky.  Truth is I never sold any, but a few lucky people in the industry received a few (like at last WWDC). I still have a stack of them, along with original prototype. I think I’ll figure out a way to give them to the truly deserving among us. Maybe someone who thinks this is outrageous will blog or tweet about it and catch my eye. Just maybe.

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